The Ultimate Mompreneur Trello Bundle

Tired of wasting your time and spinning your wheels to keep your business organized?

Grab this Trello Bundle to help you get your systems together and be a more organized business owner!


Maybe you've been there...

  • Someone wants to buy something from your affiliate link and you waste 30 minutes trying to find it.
  • You keep forgetting to take screen shots of those kind words from your students and never have testimonials handy when you need them.
  • You waste time each day writing social media posts or searching for that picture you KNOW would be perfect for your post but can't remember where it is.
  • Mapping out launches makes you want to hide under the bed - you wish there was an easier way to map it out.
  • You spend all this time making content for your blog or podcast and need a system to make it more streamlined.

Mama - I hear you. Let me help you save time and get organized.

Here's what's inside this Trello bundle...

  • Keep all important links in one place so you don't waste time finding things
  • Instead of making your social media posts one and done, keep them on the Social Media Board for easy access next time
  • Get an exact launch breakdown for your offer and keep your plan on one board
  • Save a TON of time while working since you have your systems all in one place.

Get 7 Trello Templates to Plug and Play in Your Business

Podcast Workflow

Testimonial Bank

Social Media Planner

Course Template

Blog Post Workflow

Affiliate Launch Template

Affiliate Link Bank

Why Trello?

  • Trello lets you organize your business on the go (use the website or the app)
  • You can share your boards with your team so that you can all be on the same page
  • Trello lets you add due dates, images and attachments so you can streamline your business
  • And if you're a newbie to Trello - no worries! Each board has a video tutorial with Trello and Business Tips!
  • Trello is absolutely FREE to use. My templates cut the learning curve and make it simple (no tech phobia here!)

Holy cow, these working Trello boards are AH-mazing!  Cara has thought of everything in every aspect and is incredibly thorough in the cards and processes.  Plus there’s a video for each one to walk you through the details and how to use each card and list on the board.  Really, it’s an incredible resource for anyone running a virtual business.  Thank you!!— Arwen F.

Get the EXACT Trello Boards I use to run my business as a busy mom with all the overwhelm!

What You Get in This Bundle...

  • Podcast Workflow ($10 value)
  • Testimonial Bank ($10 value)
  • Social Media Planner ($10 value)
  • Course Breakdown Template ($15 value)
  • Blog Post Workflow ($15 value)
  • Launch Template ($20 value)
  • Affiliate Link Bank ($10 value)
  • 7 Trello Tutorials ($97 value)
  • 7 Business Strategy Breakdown and Quick Tips ($110 value)

Total Value of this Bundle = $297 value

Today's Price = $47!

Hi there! I'm Cara!

I'm a productivity coach for moms and mompreneurs and I help overwhelmed moms develop systems and routines so that they can manage their time and take action on their God-driven goals.

As a mom of 3 and former school teacher I know how important it is to have routines and systems in my home and I want to help you get there too!

When I was teaching I had systems and routines that ran my day. I knew what I was supposed to do when, I showed up on time and I felt more together. When I became a mom, I somehow forget all those things and it was a mess! I realized that if I ran my home and my new business the same way I looked at my systems as a teacher - I would save time and be successful!

And that's what I found! Since creating systems in my business and using Trello to manage things I've taken my business from being 'a hobby' to being something where I pay our mortgage (and make more than my hubby!)

Now I get to run a business on my terms, I am not wasting time working on the little things in my business but the the things that move the needle forward!