Join this FREE End of Year Planning 5 Day Challenge perfect for busy work at home mom!

Through this 5 day live online challenge you'll walk away with a clear focus for end of year schedule, a concrete plan to finish those goals you set for yourself this year, and get a handle on how time blocking can help you get things done without all the hustle.

Come Work with Cara Harvey, productivity coach for work at home moms as she shows you the EXACT systems she has helped thousands of other work at home moms create their ideal work from home schedule and fit in time for their goals!

Does this sound like you?

  • "I want to end this year finishing goals but feel so behind - and the year is almost over"
  • "I struggle to even come up with goals!"
  • "I have NO idea how to create the time for my goals or my business!"
  • "I don't want to be glued to my phone during the holiday season working all the time but I know I need to find time to do it!"
  • "I want to make a better plan so I create time for my goals"
  • "I don't know how to track or keep my goals organized!"
  • "How am I supposed to find the time to work on things with everything else on my plate?"
  • "I just don't feel like I can ever make these goals work!"

Mama - I've been there. I get it. Let me show you a better way.

How will this system help me FINALLY make a good plan for my goals?

  • Instead of trying to 'do it all' and getting overwhelmed, you'll learn how to prioritize everything on your plate for the end of the year.
  • You'll learn how to use timeblocking in order to get things done without feeling like you have to being going 100 miles an hour all the time.
  • Determine how to make a plan for your goals around your busy mom life.
  • Actually make a plan that will allow you to ditch hustle (without feeling scattered).

Check out some takeaways from our last 5 day event!

This LIVE experience is more than just a few ideas you can try to put together to make it work...

  • In this 5 day challenge it'll be like we're sitting across the table at the Target cafe and working on quarterly goals and your end of year schedule.
  • Each day will have a different focus and in these 40-60 minute live classes hosted on a public facebook page (September 19-23rd) that you can attend or watch the recording.
  • You'll get a workbook to help you map out an action plan for your goals and end of year schedule.
  • We'll start to map out a concrete plan for you to help complete the year accomplishing your goals!
  • Have time for customized support and coaching while we're on together, including hot seats!
  • Oh - and tons of prizes!

Be a part of this 5 Day challenge to help create a plan to accomplish your goals!

60 Minute Live Class Sessions run from September 19-23rd at 1pm ET (but yes - we'll have a recording!)

What will you leave our challenge with?

  • End of Year Planning Workbook ($17 value)
  • Customized Goal Breakdown Framework ($49 value)
  • Action Planning Tutorial and System ($44 Value)
  • Timeblocking Framework Tutorial ($37 value)
  • 5 Days of Videos (60 minutes a day) ($398 value)

Total Value of this Challenge = $545 value

Day 1: Reflecting on the Year and Creating an End of Year Vision

Day 2: Making timeblocks that work during the holiday season

Day 3: Breaking down your goals so that you can take action

Day 4: Creating routines to close out the year with less chaos

Day 5: BONUS training - Creating an End of Year Business Plan

Today's Price = $0!

Hi there! I'm Cara!

I'm a productivity coach for moms and mompreneurs and I help overwhelmed moms develop systems and routines so that they can manage their time and take action on their God-driven goals.

As a mom of 3 and former school teacher I know how important it is to have routines and systems in my home and I want to help you get there too!

When I was teaching I had systems and routines that ran my day. I knew what I was supposed to do when, I showed up on time and I felt more together. When I became a mom, I somehow forget all those things and it was a mess! I realized that if I ran my home and my new business the same way I looked at my systems as a teacher - I would save time and be successful!

And that's what I found! Since creating systems in my home and using Trello to track my goals I've been able to make my day to day demands easier, crush some big goals and live a life that feels more aligned!

Now I get to run a life on my terms, while ditching the burnout and overwhelm!

Got Questions?

How long are the videos?

Challenge videos will be around 40-60 minutes each day - and expect to get the work done! I can't stand attending events where I then have to take a ton more time to implement what I've learned and this class will maximize your time!

Where are classes held?

All 5 days will be live on a public facebook page (so you don't even need a Facebook account to join) with a recording put up on the replay page. All replays WILL expire by 9/25 so you'll want to make sure to check them out ASAP! We will have a Facebook group where you can ask questions and win prizes but Facebook is NOT a requirement!