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Conquer Your Time:

5 Days to Time-Blocking Your Week


Click the Button Now to Join Us for This Free Live 5 Day Challenge for Busy Moms Who Want to Use Time Blocking to Manage Their Time (Trello not required)!

Here Are the Details for This LIVE Challenge! 

  • When is it? The Challenge Runs from October 5-October 9th
  • Where is it? On Facebook! Watch from Your Computer
  • Who's doing it? Cara Harvey: Productivity Expert of A Purpose Driven Mom 
  • Why should I be there? To learn how you can create time blocks in your day and where to fit in time for your goals, your family and everything else on your plate!
  • What's it all about? Creating time blocks can allow you to gain control over your time and start to end the day feeling accomplished and NOT overwhelmed!

Our Challenge Begins In...


Do you need help figuring out how to create routines in your home?

If you've said any of the following phrases - this challenge is PERFECT for you!

"I don't have enough time in the day!"

"My kids are home right now! I'm too distracted!"

"I feel guilty taking time for myself!"

"My goals have taken a back seat!"

"I just get too overwhelmed!"

Come and learn how you can create time blocks that allow you to manage your home, your goals, your work, your family and more!

During This Free 5 Day Challenge We're going to Chat About:

  • The Power of the Time Inventory: We'll take a look at exactly how you're spending your time, find gaps you might not have seen, and talk about the microwave minute concept!
  • Mapping Your Blocks: Time blocks can be flexible for your individual situation! We'll cover the various ways to map your blocks that make sense for your family and life!
  • Creating Routines that Stick: We're going to break down blocks and routines to figure how you can gain momentum and make a schedule your whole family actually sticks with!
  • A Back Up Plan: During our challenge, we'll also cover what to do on those days when 'the poop hits the fan'!
  • Dealing with Mom Guilt: I hear it a lot - moms have times when they feel guilty working on themselves. In this challenge we'll cover how time blocking actually helps you DITCH mom guilt!
  • Showcase the Magic of Trello: Trello knowledge is not a requirement for this challenge but during our time together, you'll learn how to use it to time-block (and yes - workbooks are available to print too!)
  • Answer Your Questions Live. This is not a pre-recorded training. Join Cara live as you interact, she answers questions and gives out prizes!

Jump in to get an ACTION PACKED training!

"I'm not completely new to some of the ideas you're sharing but I am a 100% newbie when it comes to practical application of these practices.

I love the way you break it down and how genuine you are. I know that you've tried and tested these methods and if I follow your advice my life will go so much smoother every day! And it does!

I've been doing brain dumping almost every morning and truly truly I have so much less anxiety and I feel so much more organized. I take the brain dump and make lists/buckets for different areas or tasks. I don't have instagram but I still wanted to tell you that I did it, it works, and thank you!!"

- Emily